Ayahuasca experiences

Ayahuasca ervaringen

My experience with Ayahuasca was of unprecedented beauty, depth and connection. In a relaxed, safe, professional environment - where I felt respected for who I am - I got the space to experience both the highest and the deepest within me. Many thanks to the guides, all participants and of course all spiritual Guides and Angels that supported me.– Erik

Ever since the Ayahuasca experience so much has happened, and it has been an intense period of time. Unbelievable. I sense that literally different brain paths have been touched and opened, for me to walk upon now. Ever since the ceremony, I experience less fear and have a less competitive spirit. Also, I am more capable of sharing and enjoying my gift. Furthermore, a lot of healing is taking place between me and my father, and within our family, with my brothers. So I am truly touched. The only thing is that I am still looking for more balance to be able to manifest it all. I am trying to go with the flow. How wonderful that you share the Ayahuasca spirit. Thanks very much for everything, Yvonne.

– Dominique

Hi Sweet Angel Ayahuasca. I want to thank you again for your loving and caring guidance during my special journey last night. You really are an angel. You got a special place in my heart and I hope we will meet again someday. It is always nice to be surrounded by pure energies. Gracias (my angel).

– W.

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